Friday, May 20

Criminal cases/jura. Fatal romance for Hermance

Eugène Devirieux is 28 years old. He works as a shoemaker. In August 1883, he moved to Choux, in the Jura. It was in this town that he quickly made the acquaintance of a local resident: a young girl named Hermance Casery.

Aged 21, Hermance lives with her parents. Eugene and Hermance are quick to sympathize, and during the summer, they get into the habit of going out together. And soon, to use an obsolete, modest and poetic expression of the time, “intimate relations” are established between them.

We are on September 21, 1883. At the beginning of the evening, Eugène accompanies Hermance to the village of Viry. She goes there, supposedly, to visit one of her aunts, Madame Périet. But in reality, this is a pretext,…

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