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Fossesholm praises Johaug: – What is that lady made of?

ZHANGJIAKOU / OSLO (VG) Therese Johaug (33) crushed the competitors on the way to the first individual Olympic gold of her career. It got big words from the teammates after the race.

GOOD TONE: Helene Marie Fossesholm is very impressed with what Therese Johaug achieved in Saturday’s 15 kilometer joint start with ski change.

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With half a minute down to the nearest competitors, after taking it relatively easy on the last kilometer, Therese Johaug was absolutely superb during the women’s 15 kilometer joint start with ski change.

– I must say that what Therese is doing today is wild. What is that lady made of? It is so deserved and fun, says Helene Marie Fossesholm to VG.

– There is a class difference, simply. She is – what to say – she is Wonder Woman! It’s Wonder Woman, says Fossesholm.

– We participate in training and see how good she is. When she does it in an Olympics, it is so deserved. That she does it on the first distance after that charge says it all about her, says Fossesholm.

– We are extremely happy on Therese’s behalf. She really deserved this, says Ragnhild Haga, who herself became number 29, to VG.

Towards the Olympics, there have been several obstacles for the Norwegian cross-country squad. On Monday last week, it became known that the national team coach for the sprint men, Arild Monsen, had tested positive for the coronavirus after returning from the training camp to the Olympic squad in Seiser Alm.

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Two days later it emerged that Olympic athletes Heidi Weng and Anne Kjersti Kalvå had both tested positive, and the positive tests meant that the Norwegian cross-country women had to postpone the trip to China.

Fossesholm is very proud of the role Johaug has taken on the national team, and how she draws her teammates with her in the battle to constantly develop.

– She shares everything with us. On the trail we are competitors, but outside we share everything to make everyone the best possible. That lady is fantastic also off the track, says Fossesholm, and waits for the following summary:

– I bend over in my hat and take off the dust for that lady there.

DEBUT: Helene Marie Fossesholm fought her way up in Saturday’s race.

Fossesholm himself ended up early in the back of Saturday’s race, but gradually went up the field on his way to 18th place in his Olympic debut.

– I went as fast as I could. I have nothing to blame, I can not do more. I had good skis, did not break a pole, did not break a ski and did not sniff. I went as fast as I could, says the 20-year-old.

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