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– I have not regretted any of the choices. The house works very well.

They spent a long time drawing their way to the decor. Katrine Seim Andersen is very satisfied.

The ceiling height is at most five meters, but the fireplace makes the room warm, says Katrine Seim Andersen.

Mitt favorittrom: – The living room and the dining room, which are in the same room. The very best thing is that it is so airy. It is not that big in square meters, but the ceiling height contributes positively. The large window surfaces give the room natural light from all sides. At the same time, the fireplace together with carpets and curtains, gives the living room a warmer feel.

Who what where: Katrine Seim Andersen, @villariarveien, Sandnes

It started with a plot. The body of the building was drawn, but they got help from an architect to draw the contents.

– He made us describe how we live and what is important to us. There were drawings back and forth. He said afterwards that I had been a demanding customer, in a positive way. I have not regretted any of the choices. The house works very well, says Andersen.

By the fireplace, it is the intention to gather or sit down with a book.
Andersen likes the bright and minimalist. – There is not much junk. I sprinkle up with green plants and pillows.

They moved in in 2017. At that time, the youngest was one year old and the oldest five years old. The kids have a separate zone on the ground floor where they have a bedroom connected to their own playroom. There they can make noise and keep going, but still the whole family pulls towards the living room and the dining room.

The fireplace is room divider: The entire floor with kitchen, living room and dining room is open, but the fireplace in the middle divides the room.

– It should be open and social so we could gather. The fireplace is a jewel in the room. It gives such a good and warm atmosphere, says Andersen.

Living room and TV room: On one side of the fireplace there is a dining table and kitchen. On the other side there are two zones. There is a living room with sofa and easy chairs where you can relax. The TV corner has a large day bed with space for the whole family.

Interiørhobby: Andersen runs a home at work and in his spare time. She is marketing manager for new buildings in EiendomsMegler 1 in Stavanger. At the same time, she has gained 122,000 followers on Instagram where she focuses on the interior of the home.

– It’s a bit ragged, but I’m just genuinely concerned about feeling good around me. I like to rest my eyes on nice things and think it’s nice to take care of.

Furnishing: Andersen is not interested in buying the latest, but moves things and furniture, puts things in the drawer and finds something else.

– I stick to my style, which is minimalist, Scandinavian. There have probably still been some style phases. When I lived on 36 square meters in Oslo, I painted the floor white and had chandeliers in white and pink. It was very shabby chic.

Old favorite: Over the daybed hangs a painting in soft tones from Andersen lived at Grünerløkka in 2007. It has been with her further all the places she has lived afterwards.

– It’s great that it fits in so well here. The dining table has also been included since the attic apartment I lived in at Torshov in 2009.

On the day bed, just lie down in front of the TV. The living room is on the top floor of the house. They have a view of Vedafjell.
– I found similar fireplace solutions on Pinterest and in magazines. We fire on weekends and on special occasions. The heat pump provides heat otherwise.
– I have always liked and been interested in interior design. It’s nice to get inspiration when traveling, from hotels and other places.

Fits the personality: – I like it more classic and timeless, and I probably do not stand out very much. The same goes for the interior. It’s cool when people are tough, but it does not work here at home. I have to be bright.

Andersen’s best interior design tips:

  • Be true to your own style. Have what you like around you.
  • Do not be so preoccupied with what others think and feel.
  • Find your personal touch. I lean a bit towards the timeless and minimalist, but think it’s cool when people have a more pronounced personal style.

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