Saturday, May 21

Kine (20) was bullied for the way her mother died. The emergency services are passive when someone dies of intoxication, say the bereaved.

Imagine that you suddenly lose someone in your immediate family. Nobody calls you. No one sends flowers. There will be no memorial service. At the store, the neighbor arches around you.

Nearly half of those left behind after drug-related deaths have experienced derogatory comments. China and his father are among them.

Death makes everyone equal, it is said. But this does not apply if the death is due to intoxication, one must believe new research results.

Survivors do not receive the help they are entitled to. Nearly half have experienced derogatory comments. Many people feel stigmatized by the health care system.

Kine (20) lost her mother in an overdose just before she turned six. She does not remember much, but she remembers this: The foster parents who picked her up, the child welfare service, a group conversation at Ahus with children who had also lost their mother or father. Most to illness or in accidents. Someone in suicide. And in many ways it is the same, says Kine. The death is abrupt and dramatic. The grief is just as great.

– But I do not think they have been bullied for the way their parents died.

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