Saturday, May 21

“Les grands meetings 2022”: follow Marine Le Pen’s rally live in Reims

It is presented as the first act of the final stretch towards the presidential election. Marine Le Pen will hold a big meeting this Saturday in Reims (Marne), with the aim of leaving behind the bad sequence she has just gone through and embarking definitively on the campaign.

The teams of the candidate National Rally (RN) have announced that this important meeting, which must bring together 3,000 people, is a “presidential convention”. It will not be a question of putting on a show or of “warming up the militants”, but of presenting the concrete project which must bring it to the Elysée.

Serious, therefore, to assure its voters and those it seeks to seduce that its program is worked and costed. What support a little more the new image displayed by Marine Le Pen, with a more flexible speech on certain points and the emphasis on the purchasing power of the French and the social.

Viktor Orban expected support from Marine Le Pen

However, in order to reassure her most radical supporters all the same, the candidate has prepared a special event, with the broadcast of a video in which Viktor Orban, the often maligned Hungarian nationalist Prime Minister, will give her his support.

A way to expose its credibility on the European scene, but also to show that it has strong support. In recent times, defections within the RN to join Eric Zemmour have multiplied.

He will also offer him a remote duel this Saturday, since he will also be holding a meeting in Lille. In Marine Le Pen’s camp, after having minimized the importance of these departures, communication is now based on polls, which show that it is still ahead of its direct competitor.

Still, the triple presidential candidate will play big this Saturday in Reims, in order to revive herself by breaking the bad media period she has just gone through. She will also bet on her proximity to the French, since the meeting will kick off “Operation 5,000 markets”, which provides for buses decorated with her image to travel around France and allow her to participate in a meeting every week. public on the ground.

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