Saturday, May 21

Nicaragua: a journalist found guilty of undermining “national integrity”

Journalist Miguel Mora during a press conference in December 2019 in Managua, NicaraguaInti OCON

Journalist and former aspirant to the presidency of Nicaragua Miguel Mora was found guilty on Friday of undermining “national integrity”, after a trial behind closed doors, according to his lawyer.

Mr. Mora’s trial was held in a prison in Managua, El Chipote, where most of the 46 opponents arrested last year before the presidential election was held, won by Daniel Ortega for the fourth consecutive time.

The prosecutor requested against him 15 years of prison, indicated his lawyer, Gerardo Gonzalez.

This is the sixth conviction pronounced since the beginning, on February 1, of the trials against the opponents detained in Nicaragua. For the moment, no sentence has been made public.

Miguel Mora, 53, was the director of the private channel 100% Noticias, very active in denouncing the repression of anti-government protests in 2018, and which had been seized by the State the same year.

Mr. Mora had expressed his intention to be a candidate for the presidency of Nicaragua last year for the Democratic Restoration Party (PRD), one of the three main opposition parties, in the elections of November 7, but his candidacy had been canceled by the electoral court.

“He has not committed any crime and I continue to hope for his release,” his wife, journalist Veronica Chavez, said after the trial. “He resists with unwavering strength and faith in God,” she added.

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