Wednesday, May 18

Paris: a scrubber attacks a policewoman in the metro

Suspected of sexual assault on a police officer in the Paris metro, a man was arrested and then placed in police custody this Thursday, February 3.

As she was coming home from work, as reported the Parisian, a policewoman was the victim of touching by a 37-year-old man. The latter would have stuck to her while continuing his gestures even as the official tried to move away.

After having declined his function, the aggressor would then have left the train. The policewoman, however, alerted her colleagues who quickly found and arrested the individual on a platform on line 13. The man denied the facts, citing “involuntary” contacts for which he would have apologized.

A real plague in the subway

Considered as sexual harassment, “frotteurism” continues to claim many victims in the metro trains. Public transport cleaners act mainly during rush hours, thus taking advantage of the crowding.

In 2019, nearly 260,000 women were targeted. About 200 procedures of this kind are handled by the Ile-de-France network brigade (BRF). However, the tracking of these aggressors remains complicated for the agents because the majority of the victims do not file a complaint.

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