Saturday, May 21

Rayan: how the rescuers proceed to try to save the little boy

Mobilized for five days to try to save little Rayan, who accidentally fell last Tuesday into a dry well 32 meters deep, the rescuers are struggling to reach the 5-year-old boy.

Several strategies were followed. They first thought “of widening the diameter of the well (45 centimeters), but it was not possible because of the nature of the earth which could lead to a landslide”, said the spokesman for the Moroccan government. Mustafa Baitas. The other solution was to dig around the well.

The rescue teams led by Abdelhabi Temrani managed to send oxygen and water through tubes and bottles but without being certain that Rayan could have used them. They then engaged in hand drilling of a horizontal tunnel reaching 27 meters at midday.

Risk of landslides

Supported by topographers, they advanced cautiously while trying to avoid the landslides. At the site of the incident, some areas being rocky and others very sandy, the risk due to the nature of the ground was indeed significant.

In addition, metal barriers were placed to contain the crowd. Present on the spot as a sign of support, it could prevent the rescuers from carrying out their mission.

This Saturday afternoon, February 5, the rescuers reached the tunnel leading to the pocket where the child is. A medical team stood by their side as well as a group of firefighters and an ambulance in which the boy’s parents are. A medical helicopter has also been chartered.

If it is still impossible to say with certainty that Rayan is alive, onlookers applaud and sing religious songs to encourage the rescuers.

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