Friday, May 27

The United States fears Putin will start a war. In Russia, there is a completely different threat that is highlighted.

MOSCOW / OSLO (Aftenposten): Most Russians are not quite up to par with their president in the conflict over Ukraine. That could be a problem for Vladimir Putin.

Russian Vladimir Timchenko (86) recently married Ukrainian Nadezhda Burda (49). He believes the United States is at war with President Vladimir Putin.

Two years ago, Vladimir Timchenko (86) met Nadezhda Burda (49) on the dating site Forever. He invited her to a classical concert. They met at a restaurant. It was a full match, and they got married.

She is a Ukrainian citizen, he is Russian. Now many fear that Russia will invade Ukraine.

But when Aftenposten visits the newlyweds on the outskirts of Moscow, they first have little desire to talk about the gloomy topic. They would rather tell about how nice they are, how they met, how happy they are. They offer wine and good food. Smiles and laughs.

– I am in love as a schoolboy in first grade, says Timchenko.

After several hours of conversation, we come to the danger of war. Then the laughter stops. They disagree on many things. What do they think about a possible war between the two neighboring countries? This is exactly the question they are completely in agreement on – like a majority of Russians. If President Vladimir Putin decides to invade the neighboring country, it could be a problem for him.

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