Tuesday, May 17

Vaccination pass: a “freedom convoy” soon to be organized in France

Blocking the capital to protest against the vaccination pass: like that of the Canadian truckers, present in droves in Ottawa for several days, a “convoy of freedom” should be organized in France on February 13 next.

The event has been looming for several days on social networks, at the initiative of Internet users opposed to the vaccine pass.

207,000 people are already part of the Facebook group dedicated to the organization of this event. Brest, Perpignan, Limoges… The convoys are getting organized little by little to reach Paris from the big cities, via Telegram or Facebook.

A global movement

The demands made by the participants concern the health measures in place but also those of the “yellow vests”. Some Internet users thus denounce the increase in the price of fuel, which had given rise to the movement in 2018.

Unlike in Canada, where the initiative was launched by truckers, the “freedom convoy” tends to attract citizens of all stripes. “Antipass but not antivaxx, angry but not facho”, specifies one of them on the sidelines of the event.

On social networks, solidarity is organized to offer room and board to participants. The spirit wants to be joyful: many specify thus, automatically, not to condone any form of violence.

The trade unions, however, will not participate in the convoy, specifies Franceinfo. Blocking could thus remain limited.


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