Tuesday, May 17

Ali Sahraoui, volunteer during the search for little Rayan, has become a “hero”

Little Rayan who accidentally fell into a well in northern Morocco died despite the relentless efforts of rescuers deployed for five days to extract this five-year-old child whose fate has moved the whole kingdom and far beyond.

Rescuers will have done their best for 5 days and 24 hours a day. Immense efforts and titanic work with in particular a volunteer: Ali Sahraoui, a fifties who dug the earth with his hands during the rescue operation, became for a time the “hero” of social networks. He is the father of 4 children. He came from the south of the country to dig with his hands for 20 hours without stopping. Dressed in a blue sweater, he was provided with a simple scarf to face the dust.

Ali Sahraoui is the symbol of an unfailing mobilization which came to a dramatic end. Little Rayan’s funeral is scheduled for the next few hours.


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