Friday, May 20

British murderer of French student confesses to other crimes

The British killer of a French student, Amélie Delagrange, who died in 2004, pleaded guilty to two other murders, that of a mother and her daughter in 1996. This is what the lawyer of a French student said this Sunday. another man convicted of these crimes.

According to this lawyer, Paul Bacon, the killer Levi Bellfield confessed, in a four-page confession, to having killed with a hammer Lin Russell, 45, and his daughter Megan, 6, in the Kent countryside (south of England). ). This affair caused a stir in the United Kingdom. His seriously injured second daughter Josie survived.

“It is a full and candid confession. I believe what he says and I think that if the police questioned him, he would end up recognizing the murders”, he confided to Sky News. His client, Michael Stone, who was sentenced to life for these crimes, has always maintained his innocence.

The lawyer said the document would be forwarded to the police and the Conviction Review Commission (CCRC) to try to secure his release.

In a press release, Kent police recalled that Michael Stone “remains convicted of the murders of Lin and Megan Russell, and the attempted murder of Josie Russell.”

A double murder in Kent

Levi Bellfield, 53, was sentenced in 2008 to life imprisonment for two murders, including that in August 2004 of student Amélie Delagrange, 22, from Picardy (northern France). At the time of her death, Amélie Delagrange, a student in Applied Foreign Languages ​​(LEA), was staying in London to perfect her English.

The former nightclub bouncer was once again sentenced to life in 2011 for the kidnapping and then the murder, in 2002, of a 13-year-old girl, Milly Dowler.

The revelation in 2011 that the tabloid News of the World had tapped the schoolgirl’s voicemail led to the crash closure of media magnate Rupert Murdoch’s Sunday newspaper in the wake of the wiretapping scandal.

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