Wednesday, May 18

Here, the police believe the Latvian network is laundering Schibsted money

Ghost companies were used to launder newspaper courier money. Schibsted refuses to answer whether they know who delivered the newspapers black.

Here, the Latvian network launders money that comes from tax evasion, according to Økokrim. The photo was used as evidence during the trial in Hordaland District Court last month. The Latvian network has withdrawn a total of almost eleven million kroner in cash.

The picture shows a man withdrawing thousands of kroner from an ATM in the Oasen center in Fyllingsdalen in Bergen. He takes out what is the maximum law: 9,900 kroner.

The man, who is now 30 years old, lives in Latvia, but has just established a transport company in Nesttun in Fana. A sole proprietorship.

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