Tuesday, May 17

“I sometimes think before answering”: Christiane Taubira defends herself after her failed speech on poor housing

Following her complicated intervention during an interview with the Abbé Pierre Foundation last Wednesday, Christiane Taubira returned to this oral which created controversy.

Fuzzy proposals, “muddled” performance, failed speech… The web was not lenient with the most recent candidate in the race for the Élysée.

“I’m used to very violent attacks, (…) it’s not a subject in itself, in any case, it has no effect on my determination or my way of thinking, to operate, to campaign”, she said the day after her intervention during a trip to Charente-Maritime.

Credited with around 5 to 6% of voting intentions, the candidate again justified herself, this Sunday, in an interview with the JDD. “I had two seconds of hesitation on a thirty-minute speech. But I’m not preparing Question for a champion! I pretend to the supreme magistracy, ”she defended herself. “Fortunately, I sometimes think before answering,” continued the winner of the Popular Primary.

Clearer proposals

The interview published this Sunday in the French weekly was also an opportunity for the former Keeper of the Seals to be more specific about his proposals for housing.

The candidate thus provides for a universal rent guarantee to protect low incomes, personalized housing aid (APL) covering all rent and charges for low-income households or even rent control in tense areas.

While she will present her entire program “by February 20”, Christiane Taubira also expressed her wish for a “modern democracy”. It promises a “true separation of powers” with, for example, the abolition of recourse to Article 49.3 of the Constitution and the right to dissolve the National Assembly.


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