Tuesday, May 17

Patrick Balkany will be imprisoned in Fleury-Mérogis prison

Summoned this Monday, February 7 by the public prosecutor of Evreux (Eure), following the revocation, last Thursday, of his electronic bracelet by the justice, Patrick Balkany will be imprisoned today.

The former mayor of Levallois must be imprisoned in the Paris region, in the prison of Fleury-Mérogis (Essonne). “He will obviously have the opportunity to see the medical service. The Directorate of Prison Administration has proposed an establishment which allows medical monitoring 24 hours a day so his state of health is taken into account, ”said prosecutor Dominique Puechmaille.

As a reminder, Isabelle Balkany, his wife, is also affected by this revocation, paving the way, for her too, to incarceration. However, the latter was hospitalized on Thursday after a suicide attempt. She also tested positive for Covid-19.

On Twitter, the latter reacted to the news by posting a disturbing message in which she indicated that she wanted to “just sleep”.

A hundred breaches of the rules

The couple’s dismissal follows about 100 incidents that reportedly caused their wristbands to ring.

Patrick Balkany had defended himself at the microphone of CNEWS as to his shortcomings. “I never went out outside my hours,” he said.

The couple, convicted of tax evasion, had been under house arrest in their property in Giverny (Eure), since March 2021.

Patrick Balkany was sentenced in 2019 to three years in prison, as well as ten years of ineligibility. Incarcerated in the prison of Health in September, he was released five months later, for “health reasons”.


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