Monday, May 16

Presidential 2022: Fabien Roussel in Marseille for his first major meeting

The communist presidential candidate Fabien Roussel officially launches his campaign, this Sunday, February 6, by organizing his first major national meeting in Marseille. He will present, on this occasion, his program, he who, on the left, detonates by cultivating a certain difference.

Title “The France of Happy Days”, this roadmap, focused mainly on the valuation of work and the redistribution of wealth, will be presented to some 5,000 people.

In addition to these two components, his program takes up themes that are usually found on the left, with a few nuances: reduction of working time, retirement at 60, increase in social minima or recruitment of 500,000 civil servants.

In addition, Fabien Roussel has already indicated that he also intends to nationalize the large French banks and companies, and to restore, by tripling it, the solidarity tax on wealth (ISF).

Pro nuclear and safe

But unlike the other candidates in his camp, Fabien Roussel stands out with an unexpected positioning, especially on the environment or safety.

Where the socialist Anne Hidalgo, the ecologist Yannick Jadot and especially the Insoumis Jean-Luc Mélenchon plead for a closure of the power stations in the decades to come, the 52-year-old deputy from the North advocates the “massive” use. nuclear, or more precisely an energy mix made up of nuclear and renewables. “If we want to lower the price of electricity, we have to regain control and invest in nuclear power,” he had recently declared in the program C à vous, on France 5.

The communist candidate also displays an unusual firmness on security issues, which he considers “abandoned by the left”. “As soon as we speak of sovereignty, of France and of the nation, it offends some on the left”, affirms the one who regularly castigates the “well-meaning left” who wants to “ban meat and cars”.

A strong positioning, so much so that it is sometimes considered by its detractors as “right-wing” on these subjects. But the interested party assumes: he considers security as a major issue in this presidential election and intends to lead “a constant struggle” against political Islamism, in particular.

In short, among the many left-wing contenders for the Elysée, that of the French Communist Party is therefore unlike any other. An ambitious program, outspoken, and clear-cut positions on divisive subjects, Fabien Roussel is well on his way to becoming a main player in the home stretch of this electoral campaign.

After fifteen years of absence, the French Communist Party thus intends to once again weigh in the presidential election and set in motion a new dynamic behind the one which for the moment has peaked at around 4% in the polls. A score far from the peaks recorded in the time of Georges Marchais, but which remains above that of the socialist Anne Hidalgo, stuck around 2% to 3%.

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