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With Christiane Taubira, “the desperate left makes the choice of the desperate left”, considers Manuel Valls

Denouncing an “absurd and undemocratic” popular Primary which crowned Christiane Taubira to run for the next presidential election, former socialist Prime Minister Manuel Valls expressed his “political disagreements” with the candidate, in a column published this Sunday. February 6, in the JDD.

He first denounced the terms of this primary, which he described as a “great inter-self lotto” whose outcome was “written in advance”, before directly attacking the candidate whose he explains that “she prefers easy indignation” to “political courage”.

And this, even if he recognizes – paradoxically – the “courage” of the latter “during the debates on marriage for all”.

“Ideological shifts”

“But the sympathy, which I share, for her radiant personality and her culture, gives her too much indulgence”, tackles Manuel Valls, who endeavors to enumerate the “ideological reversals” of Christiane Taubira, in particular when she was a deputy of the 1st constituency of Guyana, MEP or even Minister of Justice.

Among these “turnarounds”, the former Prime Minister of François Hollande lists “the confidence granted to the government of Edouard Balladur in 1993”, “his support for Bernard Tapie in the Europeans of 1994”, “his assumed economic liberalism of 2002” or again “his support for Arnaud Montebourg in 2011” and “his vote for Benoit Hamon in 2017”

A candidacy, “fatal blow to Anne Hidalgo”

Worse still, Manuel Valls believes that with Christiane Taubira, “the desperate left has chosen the desperate left” and that having her as a candidate “is a curse for the left”.

Particularly vehement, he even thinks that “making this racialist activist”, who embodies, according to him, “wokism” and “the wanderings of the left” “a model for our young people is a moral fault”, adding that his political program “Leads to predict the worst”, with the “absence of economic credibility” and the “repeal of the global security law”.

According to him, the former Keeper of the Seals has “fallen into an abyss […] whose sole objective is to deal a fatal blow to Anne Hidalgo, who is trying to save the social-democratic current”. “Not prepared for the exercise” according to him, the candidacy of Christiane Taubira would be in his eyes only a “political operation under the aegis of old veterans”.

So many attacks and a fatal blow to the one who was Minister of Justice in the government of Jean-Marc Ayrault, then in his government, Manuel Valls anticipates the “failure” of the latter, which will have according to him “Nevertheless the merit of showing definitively that this left of the platform does not weigh anything”.

“Ruins to come” on which the one who left the French political world to become a municipal councilor in Barcelona (Spain) ensures that it will be necessary to “build a republican left, healthy and solid”.

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