Monday, May 23

Case of cash bonuses: Claude Guéant fixed on his request for adjustment of sentence today

Incarcerated since December 13 at the prison of Health in Paris, Claude Guéant, former Minister of the Interior under Nicolas Sarkozy, will be fixed this Monday on his request for adjustment of sentence and his potential release from prison.

Justice had estimated that Claude Guéant did not pay the fines he had to pay in time (75,000 euros as well as 210,000 euros to be paid jointly with four other defendants), in the case of cash bonuses from the Ministry of the Interior. , for which he was sentenced to two years in 2017.

Since 2019, after the cassation appeal was refused, Claude Guéant had been serving his sentence on parole, but had to pay the sums due little by little.

Seeing that the payments were not made, the justice then revoked part of his conditional sentence and his suspended sentence last November, leading to his incarceration for nine months in the prison of Health.

A “worrying” state of health, according to his lawyer

Barely days after his incarceration, the former minister had made a request for sentence adjustment, with a sentence enforcement judge who is to render his decision on Monday. The judge may refuse it, or place him on parole or on an electronic bracelet. Claude Guéant’s lawyer, 77, advanced his “worrying” state of health to justify this request.

In January, Me Philippe Bouchez El-Ghozi, had argued that his client had “fully paid” his debt on December 16 via loans granted by his relatives, and that in prison, his “health situation (could) only deteriorate, in view of the triple pathology” from which he suffers.

At the same time, Claude Guéant was sentenced on January 21 in another case, that of the Élysée polls, to a one-year prison sentence, including eight months.

However, even if he is released from prison following the judge’s decision on Monday, he will not be able to return to serve this new sentence, having appealed this decision. The application of this sanction is therefore suspended until the second trial.

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