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Economy. Over-indebtedness still affects women more

Women alone or with a dependent child are still the most affected by over-indebtedness, says a survey published Monday by the Banque de France. And this, despite the drop in the number of files among the French (-15% compared to 2019). A person is said to be over-indebted when they can no longer meet their personal debts, according to the definition of the Institution.

The study focusing on the typology of over-indebted households, which relates to the year 2021, notes that “the risk of over-indebtedness is higher for women”. They represent 54% of over-indebted people aged 25 to 54. Salaries lower than those of men and the more frequent status of single-parent heads of families are able to explain this difference, advances the institution.

Hauts-de-France, the most affected region

Over-indebted people are also often isolated and in difficult social and financial situations: more than half of them are separated, single or widowed, more than a quarter are unemployed and 23% are unemployed, disabled or in sick leave. 87% of over-indebted households are tenants or housed free of charge.

The Director of Individuals of the Banque de France Marc Béguery also underlines “a small increase in the filing of files of over-indebtedness of young people, in the age brackets 18-25 years and 25-32 years” during a conference of hurry. The most affected region is by far the Hauts-de-France: the five departments each report more than 250 files per 100,000 inhabitants, against 225 on average in France.

The number of cases down by 15%

In 2021, 120,968 applications were filed, a decrease of 15% compared to 2019, notes the Banque de France. 56% of applications were filed by people using the procedure for the first time. The overall debt of over-indebted households is also down, to 4.9 billion euros in 2021, or 1.2 billion euros less than in 2019.

“It is rather good news, in the end the health crisis has not called into question the downward trend in over-indebtedness that we have seen since 2015”, welcomes Mr. Béguery. To explain the decline in the number of files, the CGT insists on the difficulties of access to the constitution of these, linked to a lack of communication from the Banque de France and the decline of its presence in the field.

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