Sunday, May 15

EHPAD scandal: After Orpéa, Korian in turmoil

After Orpéa, it is the turn of the French leader of nursing homes to be in turmoil. The Korian group has been the subject of more than 150 reports for acts of mistreatment of elderly people.

This is not a first for the group, which had already been the subject of complaints following the first confinement in 2020. During this period, 36 residents died in a group establishment located in the Alpes- Maritimes. Four families then filed a complaint against Korian for manslaughter.

This time, the new wave of reports affecting Korian relates to abuse of the elderly residing in the group’s nursing homes. Rationing of water, food or breaches of hygiene are denounced by the families. The group manages 300 nursing homes spread throughout France.

Korian targeted by a collective complaint

Maître Sarah Saldmann, who is to file a collective complaint in the Orpéa case, will file a second, this time targeting the Korian group. On CNEWS, the lawyer explains: “People tell me, ‘in fact it is with the Korian group that I am in dispute, what do I do? Can you help me too?’ I say yes of course. For Master Saldmann the observation is simple: “there immediately it crystallizes on Orpéa but Korian it is the same song which is repeated.”

As a reminder, Orpéa found itself at the heart of a very large-scale controversy, after the publication of the book Les Fossoyeurs by journalist Victor Castanet. In the latter, the author compiles numerous testimonies of shortcomings within the establishments of the group, pointing the finger at the obsession with the profitability of the private group.

After the explosion of this controversy, the government announced the opening of two joint investigations, including one by the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs (Igas).

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