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Gérard Darmon: “I don’t like the way Mediapart digs in the trash”

The actor Gérard Darmon returned, in L’Heure des Pros this Monday, February 7 on CNEWS, to his clash with Edwy Plenel, co-founder of Mediapart on the set of “We are live” on Saturday evening. The actor notably declared that he did not like the investigative methods of the media.

In his hoarse voice and with the phlegm that characterizes him, Gérard Darmon thus reacted to the extent of the controversy which surrounded his exchange with Edwy Plenel, Saturday February 5, in the program of Laurent Ruquier.

“Frankly, I did not know that this character was so important and so crucial and essential to the good intellectual life of my country,” said the actor to Pascal Praud with a touch of irony. Before qualifying: “I consider him a journalist who tries to do his job.”

More than the person of Edwy Plenel, what bothers Gérard Darmon are the methods of his media. “It’s a bit like the speech of (Eric) Zemmour, that is to say, there are ideas and then suddenly we don’t agree at all with the solutions, we have all the same the right to say in 2022 that we do not agree with its methods of investigation. I don’t like the way Mediapart is digging through the trash.

“I do not agree with his methods and I repeat”

Beyond this disagreement on the method that would be used, Gérard Darmon was very surprised at the reaction that his words provoked on social networks. “For me it’s a non-event, because, ultimately, I just spoke quite calmly with someone on a set, with whom I don’t quite agree. I gave my opinion. I realize that’s not very good. There is an outcry from, probably, ‘Mediapart’ subscribers. A torrent of hatred which is absolutely implausible”, considers the actor.

“It made me smile at first”, explains Gérard Darmon before adding: “then, afterwards, I said to myself: ‘My god, I who went through a lot of time, before we could express ourselves ‘. He doesn’t seem to me to have been aggressive. I simply said that I did not agree with his methods. And I repeat it. I think he should salute the discretion and elegance with which I spoke to him,” concludes the actor.

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