Thursday, May 19

Presidential 2022. National rally: Jordan Bardella “volunteer” president, Marine Le Pen still receives 5,000 euros

Jordan Bardella defended Marine Le Pen on Monday morning, who currently continues to receive 5,000 euros in compensation as president of the National Rally, even though it is he who has been acting in this position since September.

Questioned on BFMTV following the revelations of Release on the fact that the party candidate continues to receive the 5,000 euros in compensation linked to a presidency that she no longer occupies, Jordan Bardella replies that he exercises his mission “voluntarily”, and that it “seems normal to him “.

“It is not a remuneration but an indemnity”

“According to Article 4 of the Constitution: ‘Political parties administer themselves freely’. (…) Everyone understands that, in the case of the trips she is required to make in the context of electoral campaigns, in the context of the people she is required to meet, she can have an envelope of expenses for his lunches, for his travels”, declared the MEP, who affirms that “it is not a remuneration but a compensation, a lump sum reimbursement of expenses”. She benefits from it as a “leading actor of the movement”, he said.

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In 2017, Marine Le Pen told the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life (HATVP) that her “monthly salary” as president of the National Front (now National Rally) had gone “from 3,000 euros to 5,000 euros. euros from July 2017”. The function of president of the FN that Marine Le Pen has held since 2011 has only been paid since 2014.

As a reminder, the candidate Marine Le Pen also receives a remuneration of around 7,240 euros gross as a deputy for Pas-de-Calais. Jordan Bardella is paid as an MEP. “I believe that I do not need additional remuneration,” he added.

Marine Le Pen passed the torch of the party in September to Jordan Bardella to focus on his presidential campaign. In 2017, she also temporarily gave up the party presidency between the two rounds.

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