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Sandbech and Røisland outside the podium in slopestyle: – Damn upset

ZHANGJIAKOU / OSLO (VG) Ståle Sandbech (28) and Mons Røisland (25) did not make it in the slopestyle final.

SOUR: Mons Røisland says there were small margins that separated from a possible podium race.

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Ståle Sandbech took silver when slopestyle was on the Olympic program for snowboarders for the first time in 2014 in Sochi, and together with Mons Røisland were the Norwegian athletes in the Olympic final with twelve athletes on Monday.

Røisland was the best of the Norwegian riders with a seventh place. Røisland had his best score in the second run, where he got 63.33 points.

– I am actually very happy with my own driving today. It’s so fine. There are such small margins that I do not stand on the podium today. It’s sour. It’s damn weird. They try to exclude all feelings that it is important and that it means a lot, but it is awkward, says Røisland to Discovery +.

LAST LAST: Ståle Sandbech was number 11 in the final.

Sandbech finished fourth in the practice in Pyeongchang four years ago, but in the Beijing Games he failed to get involved in the close fight.

The 28-year-old missed all three attempts he had on the course, and had to see that he was left with 39.66 points and was number eleven. In the finish area, the experienced driver bowed to the TV camera.

– It’s weird. I missed stupid things, especially in the first round, says Sandbech to Discovery +.

In the battle for the gold, the Canadian Max Parrot set the standard early in the first run, and was joined by compatriot Mark McMorris, Italian Emiliano Lauzi, reigning Olympic champion Redmond Gerard and home hope Yiming Su in the close fight. Gerard was in the lead after everyone had run through the track for the first time, but in the second attempt, Parrot really showed up.

With a score of 90.96, he took a clear lead. Home hope Su was close to getting up to the same score as Parrot, but had to settle for 88.70 points.

Thus, it was Parrot who had the lead before the last run, where the Canadian was first out of the athletes at the top. There, Parrot missed, who took Olympic silver in 2018, and he thus had to wait in excitement. Mark McMorris delivered well in his last run, and with 88.53 points he jumped up to third place and secured the bronze in the third Olympics in a row.

Last out was Yiming Su, but he failed to improve his own score. Thus, it became gold for Parrot.

Ahead of the championship, Marcus Kleveland, who has won two golds in the X Games in slopestyle earlier and took silver in the practice in the X Games earlier this winter, was considered the biggest Norwegian gold hope, but the 22-year-old failed to advance from the qualification. .

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