Tuesday, May 17

What do these women have in common? They can all be honored with a “blue sign” in Oslo.

The city of Oslo has received 222 proposals for historic female names that deserve a “blue sign” in the city. – Absolutely overwhelming, says Secretary General Ole Rikard Høisæther in Oslo Byes Vel.

Top from left: Artist Anne Grete Preus, author Anne-Cath. Vestly, actor Aud Schønemann and gay activist / author Kim Friele. Bottom from left: Opera singer Kirsten Flagstad, artist Inger Sitter, Labor Party politician Rubina Rana and professor / university rector Lucy Smith. All are among the 36 on the list of current candidates to be honored with a blue sign in the urban space.

Earlier this winter, the city of Oslo called for good women’s names for the city’s blue sign. A shortlist has now been made with 36 women competing for the 12 signs to be set up.

It is the sign committee in Oslo Byes Vel that has selected the 36 finalists. The purpose of the blue signs is to convey cultural history in short form in the public space.

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