Monday, May 16

Against Norwegian bronze – Kilde can secure its first Olympic medal

YANQING / OSLO (VG) Aleksander Aamodt Kilde (29) clinched Tuesday’s Olympic super-G and is set to secure the first championship medal of his career after the supposed best runners have ridden.

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Updated! The race is still going on.

Kilde was the big favorite before the race and drove from start number seven to a clear lead, one second ahead of Frenchman Alexis Pinturault who led.

– Lets go !, shouts the Norwegian in the goal area.

“Are you kiddin me” says the speaker over the facility when Kilde drives in and clenched his fist in front of the camera. “Wow” is said in the area where the press stands. There are not many spectators in the arena, but there was no doubt that the wildly green numbers impressed a lot in the Chinese mountains.

Source now follows excitedly up the trail.

The Lommedalen boy ran an almost perfect race from start to finish. Two issues later came what was to be Kilde’s biggest competitor, Swiss Marco Odermatt. But it did not want for the super talent, and drove out.

– It’s just to cuddle. It is absolutely beautiful to drive, was the message he delivered to teammate Adrian Smiseth Sejersted.

And he did it for good.

Sejersted almost matched the teammate from top to bottom, and drove into second place 0.32 behind.

– Yes! Yes! drive then !, he was heard screaming at the camera at the finish line.

But it looked very scary when Austrian Vincent Kriechmayr came on the starting number after. The speed cannon delivered a very good lap, and finished only two hundredths behind Sejersted.

Unfortunately for the Norwegians, it looked like the snow was much faster at the bottom of the trail when first Austrian Matthias Mayer came in for a new lead of 0.42 ahead of Kilde, before American Ryan Cochran-Siegle pushed the Lommedalen rider down to third place. Sejersted is in fourth place.

In the finish area you could see a very disappointed Sejersted who saw the Olympic medal run away. Next to him, Kilde stood with one arm around his shoulder and comforted his teammate.

Kjetil Jansrud drove in to 18th place 3.06 behind Mayer.

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