Monday, July 4

Miscellaneous facts. Ultraleft: a Haut-Savoyard indicted as part of an anti-terrorism investigation

A Haut-Savoyard potentially close to the “ultra-left” was indicted in Paris “for criminal terrorist association” and placed in pre-trial detention, as part of an investigation seized by the national anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office ( Pnat), according to an AFP judicial source.

Placed in police custody on May 30, he was also indicted on Friday for “transport and manufacture of explosive products or devices in connection with a terrorist enterprise”, according to the same source, confirming information from M6. The National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor’s Office seized on May 31.

Toxic materials found in his home

Investigators suspect that this man has a desire to “commit an attack” in the name of a “revolutionary socialist ideology”, but the investigations are starting, according to an AFP source familiar with the matter. A first barrel containing toxic materials was accidentally discovered near his home, then the open investigation made it possible to discover about fifteen thanks to research. These would be chemical or toxic products likely to enter into the composition of explosives.

The research had taken place in Arenthon and Cornier, in Haute-Savoie, as revealed by The Liberated Dauphine.

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