Monday, July 4

Trial of November 13: the indictments begin today

Nine months after the start of the hearings on the attacks of November 13, the requisitions of the general attorneys will begin this Wednesday, one of the last stages before the verdict which must be rendered at the end of June.

The floor is for the prosecution. The civil parties, the experts, the defendants and the lawyers have, for nine months, succeeded each other at the bar to deliver their testimonies or answer the questions of the magistrates on the attacks of November 13, 2015, in Paris and Saint-Denis. After having heard all the parties, the three Advocates General will begin their requisitions this Wednesday.

These representatives of the national anti-terrorist prosecution, Camille Hennetier, Nicolas Braconnay and Nicolas Le Bris, will have to ask for a sentence against each of the 20 accused, in particular Salah Abdeslam, the only survivor of the murderous commando. Each in turn, they will have to demonstrate what they consider to be the responsibilities of the 14 defendants present before the court (six others are tried in their absence).

Twelve of them face life imprisonment. Salah Abdeslam, he faces incompressible life imprisonment, a very rare sanction which makes any adjustment of sentence difficult.

If the latter had arrived at the trial presenting himself as a Daesh fighter, and had refused to speak to investigators for the past six years, the jihadist had finally delivered several pieces of information to the bar. He notably indicated that on the evening of the attack, he had given up using his explosive belt. The public prosecutor, who has always favored the thesis of the malfunction of the belt rather than that of renunciation, was however skeptical of his story.

The three Advocates General will first have to reconstitute and recall the various elements of the file, for their demonstration, and will then require the sentences against the main defendant, those who helped him in his run for four months, the presumed logisticians of the commandos or Mohamed Abrini, “the man in the hat” of the Brussels attacks who was also “planned” for November 13.

After these requisitions, the floor will be given to the defense from Monday, June 13. The verdict is expected on June 29.

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