Thursday, June 30

Brazil: the remains of the disappeared in the Amazon formally identified

Twelve days after the disappearance of British journalist Dom Phillips and Brazilian expert Bruno Pereira in the Amazon, the worst fears have been confirmed: the “human remains” found at the search site correspond well to those of the two missing.

The expertise carried out on human remains found in the Amazon confirmed that they were indeed those of the British journalist Dom Phillips, who disappeared on June 5 in the company of the Brazilian expert Bruno Pereira, announced Friday June 17 the Federal Police which is investigating the double murder.

“This confirmation was possible thanks to an odontological examination” of the samples which were analyzed in a laboratory in Brasilia, the police said in a press release.

A 41 year old fisherman

Amarildo da Costa de Oliveira, nicknamed “Pelado” and arrested on June 7, admitted to having buried their bodies before showing the authorities the whereabouts of them.

The suspect, a 41-year-old fisherman, admitted to having participated in the “crime”, but without specifying his role.

The brother of “Pelado” also suspected

A second suspect was also arrested earlier in the week, Oseney da Costa de Oliveira, known as “Dos Santos”. He is “suspected of having participated in the affair”, according to the federal police. According to the G1 site, it would be the brother of the first suspect.

Even if “Dos Santos” denies having participated in the crime, “we have evidence against him and clues concerning another (third) person on whom we are investigating”, the head of the federal police told the press. State of Amazonas, Eduardo Alexandre Fontes.

Earlier in the day, the police indicated that the elements available to them at this stage of the investigation led to believe “that the killers acted alone, without a sponsor, without a criminal organization behind the murders”.

The journalist’s Brazilian wife, Alessandra Sampaio, thanked in a statement “all the teams that carried out the research, especially the indigenous volunteers” whose absence from the press conference was criticized by many observers.

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