Tuesday, June 28

Châteauroux: contaminated with E. Coli, city water prohibited for consumption in the heat wave

The tap water of Châteauroux is unfit for consumption for 25,000 inhabitants of the north of the city, after contamination by the bacterium Escherichia coli in the middle of a heat wave, Châteauroux Métropole announced on Friday. Water consumption is now prohibited until at least Sunday 6 p.m.

In the middle of a heat wave. A bacterium of the Escherichia coli type has been detected in the drinking water of the town of Châteauroux, in the department of Indre. It is therefore forbidden until at least Sunday to drink it, but also to brush your teeth or wash infants with it.

The city has therefore launched its municipal safeguard plan and set up, with the water network manager Saur, four distribution centers for bottled water packs.

Deliveries are planned for the elderly, Châteauroux Métropole said in a press release.

Early Friday evening, no casualties or hospitalizations were reported, according to the city.


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