Monday, July 4

Netherlands: Russian spy arrested while trying to infiltrate the International Criminal Court

The Dutch secret service announced that it had prevented, last April, a Russian spy from accessing the International Criminal Court, which sits in The Hague, in the Netherlands, and which is investigating alleged war crimes in Ukraine.

In a press release published on their site, the Dutch secret services indicated on June 16 that they had prevented a Russian spy from gaining access as a trainee to the International Criminal Court (ICC), which sits in the Netherlands and investigates the abuses of the Russian soldiers on Ukrainian territory.

A Brazilian cover identity

“The AIVD (Dutch secret service) prevented a Russian intelligence agent from accessing the International Criminal Court (ICC) as a trainee”, specifying that it was an individual who works for military intelligence Russian GRU.

Identified by the AIVD as Sergey Vladimirovich Cherkasov, 36, the man was using a Brazilian cover identity to travel from Brazil to the Netherlands, the Dutch secret service said.

The Russian spy had carefully constructed an identity for himself over several years by inventing a life down to the smallest detail and was due to begin a “six-month trial period at the International Criminal Court as a junior analyst at the section of the preliminary examinations”.

The ICC said it was very grateful to the Dutch authorities for this “important operation and more generally for having revealed the security threats”, said Sonia Robla, spokesperson for the Court, in a press release.

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