Thursday, June 30

UK: 200 kg of drugs seized in the Channel Tunnel

Two men were arrested by British customs officers after 200 kg of drugs were found in their van. This is one of the largest seizures made in the Channel Tunnel.

A nice catch. A 68-year-old Belgian and a 60-year-old Dutchman were arrested on June 10 at the UK tunnel border as they attempted to enter the UK.

While searching their vehicle, customs officers found more than 70 kg of heroin and 125 kg of cocaine concealed in the walls of the vehicle.

The UK Home Office said it was one of the largest seizures of this type of drug in the Channel Tunnel.

The total market value of the seized products is estimated at 17.5 million pounds (20.3 million euros).

The duo have been charged with importing class A drugs – among the most dangerous.

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