Thursday, December 9

The foreigners have wondered who this is

The new helper is called a music and fashion expert. Magnus Barstad (red ring) is new to Magnus Carlsen's World Cup team. Photo: Screenshot, chess24.comHe arrives every day with Magnus Carlsen - wearing one outfit more resilient than the other.But who is this man?Read the whole case with subscriptionAlready a subscriber? sign in

Reassuring after her stroke, Jane Birkin shares bad news

Jane Birkin gave her news this Wednesday, December 8 at RTL's microphone. Reassuring about her state of health, the artist however shared a new twist of fate. She lost all of her new songs. Victim of a stroke last August, the 74-year-old artist returned to this sad episode on Wednesday and shared optimistic news. "It's going very very well", explained the interpreter of "I love you me neither", considering "to have been very lucky". "I believe that I had a light stroke (...) I saw others who were much less lucky", shared the singer before returning on what she lived. "I was with a friend who found that I spoke strangely, she saw immediately that something was wrong", specified the artist, returning in detail on the day which preceded his stroke. “I had a terrible headache the day be...

EU: agreement to extend free “roaming”

(Belga) Member States and negotiators of the European Parliament announced that they had reached an agreement, on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, to extend for ten years, until 2032, the abolition of roaming charges for mobile communications between EU countries. This removal, effective since June 2017, was initially scheduled to stop in June 2022, at the risk of seeing Europeans' mobile phone bills inflate again when they travel across the continent. "The continuation of the rules will ensure that people can phone, text and surf the internet while traveling in EU countries other than their own, without fear of having a terrible shock when receiving the bill from their operator ", said the European Council, which represents the Twenty-Seven, in a statement. The compromise also raise...

Amazon fined € 1 billion in Italy

Exactly, 1.128 billion euros. This is the amount of the fine imposed by the Italian competition officer on Amazon for “abuse of a dominant position”, this Thursday, December 9. The Antitrust explains having condemned the American giant "for having discriminated against sellers who had not used its logistics service". "Amazon has undermined competing operators in the logistics service of e-commerce", explained the competition policeman in Italy. Already sentenced last November This decision follows another judgment rendered by this Italian authority. On November 23, Amazon was ordered with Apple to pay a fine of 200 million euros (including 68.7 million for the e-commerce giant). The Antitrust then explained that Apple and Amazon agreed to introduce restrictions on the number of rese...

An American policewoman tried for having killed a young black man by using the wrong weapon: “She made a mistake”

Simple mistake or serious negligence? The trial of a white policewoman who, believing she was using her electric Taser gun, shot dead a young African-American with her service weapon, began Wednesday in Minneapolis, where the tragedy reopened the wounds of the murder of George Floyd. Kim Potter, 49, is on trial for manslaughter. On April 11, 2021, this veteran agent had killed Daunte Wright, 20, in Brooklyn Center, in the suburb of this large city in the north of the United States. The drama had a strong impact because it had arisen during the trial of white policeman Derek Chauvin who, in May 2020 in Minneapolis, asphyxiated George Floyd, a black man of 46 years. The ordeal of the forties had initiated huge anti-racist demonstrations around the world. Almost a year later, the death ...

Sint Maarten: Threat with a firearm: a firefighter sentenced to 12 months in prison – Faxinfo

In early December, a firefighter was convicted by the Sint Maarten Court of First Instance for threat with a firearm, and possession of an illegal firearm. The firefighter threatened one person, after a very drunken evening and, in his defense, said during his court appearance that he did not remember the incident. According to the court, his behavior can not only affect the way his profession is viewed, but can create a feeling of fear and insecurity for the victim and the population. The firefighter was sentenced to 24 months' imprisonment, including 12 months suspended. _OF

Have you bought a ticket to a show? Thousands are now being rejected. This gets customers in return.

Humor founder Elina Krantz must inform many thousands of ticket buyers that they can not come to Latter until Christmas. Elina Krantz and her colleagues are working hard to solve the problem that has arisen for their 48 performances in the weeks leading up to Christmas. The main hall usually has room for 500. Now just under half of the hall can be filled. Photo: Dan P. NeegaardThe requirement of 1 meter distance between the audience is back. This means that around half of those who have tickets to shows, plays and other performances will not be able to go in the next few weeks.Read the whole case with subscriptionAlready a subscriber? sign in

New assignment to committee: To study increased tax level

The government promises an unchanged tax and duty level on income. At the same time, it instructs the tax committee to study the increased overall tax level.Minister of Finance Trygve Slagsvold Vedum (Sp) will study the role of the tax system in the geographical distribution.view more Olav OlsenPublished: Updated yesterday 13:34The previous government appointed one expert committee to make a «comprehensive assessment of the tax system».On Wednesday, the committee received a additional mandate from the new government. Among other things, it will study how the overall tax level can be increased. Ragnar Torvik, Professor of Economics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), chairs the committee.In a letter to the committee, Minister of Finance Trygve Slagsvold Vedum (...