07 Indications to find your perfect match

We all want a life partner. You need to know if a female you fall for at first sight is the one. Is she the one? Your life partner is meant for you.

"I just looked up from my cereal," remember. ‘You know what I want to do today? I'll marry you."Jim Halpert, The Office. This article lists 15 signals she's the one.

Happy You

Clap if you are happy! You smile giddily when you think of her. You want to see her while your pals whine about their relationships.

Your Woman

She would cover the body if you accidently killed someone! She'll bury this secret. When things go wrong, you call her. Tell her everything.

She Loves You For You

She loves you despite your oddities and fetishes. She accepts you. She loves your filthy parts and vice versa.

She Helps You

Undertake you remember wanting to undertake something daring but not believing in yourself? She trusted you! You love her for it. She supports you .

Your Family Loves Her

If your friends and family like her, it's almost certain. They adore her. It's okay if friends & relatives don't like your relationship.

She's Always There

When were you unwell and acted like a baby? She attended to your every need! She's been faithful to you through thick and thin.

Fights Teach You Both

Instead of fighting, you discuss the matter to resolve it. That's an everlasting relationship. Instead of fighting, you learn.

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