07 Indications You Love Him

If you can't stop daydreaming about someone, you probably like him.

Dan Williams

If you've been dating your spouse for a while, your mind is full of thoughts, emotions, & sentiments.

Constantly Checking Your Phone

You may like him more if you check your phone every few minutes for his texts.

Your Comfortable Sharing Secrets

Love helps you communicate your secrets, removing embarrassment and encouraging vulnerability. 

Mood Swings

Love is a rollercoaster. You may feel many conflicting feelings due to hormone surges. Understanding your situation is difficult.

Reliving Your Time Together

Memories define life. When they're apart, lovers remember their wonderful moments. If you have great chemistry, you'll remember his romantic gestures and wonderful occasions.

Your Silence Never Feels Awkward

Strangers are silent, awkward, and tense. Your companion may disagree. Even when you silently look, you're comfy. This comfortable silence shows you love him.

He's Your Future

Love is seeing him in your future. You may be planning to vacation, move in, or marry him. You demonstrate your dedication to him.

Impressing Him Nervously

Your partner's opinion of you may make you apprehensive or anxious. You may fret about your appearance and what to say to impress him. His inadvertent uneasiness may indicate falling in love.

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