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07 Long-Distance Date Ideas for Strong Relationships

Long-distance is hard, whether for work, school, or a relationship abroad.

We provide long-distance dating ideas to make your relationship robust & romantic. 

These innovative date ideas are simple, add value to your relationship, and provide a wonderful, memorable time. 

You can use technology to save your relationship. Zoom, Skype, & FaceTime are popular video calling programs.

You may use for free to talk to your partner. Here are some long-distance online dating ideas to make Skype dates special.

Gaming Night

With so many online gaming sites, game night should go online. Monopoly, Scrabble, chess, & other board games are available online.

Read Your Snail Mail

Love letters are still a terrific long-distance dating concept. Sending a loved one a letter can be incredibly fulfilling.

Virtual Vacation

Online travel lets couples bond! Some airlines and virtual travel platforms offer immersive virtual reality experiences for couples to travel together.

Quiz Night Online

Virtual quiz nights are great long-distance Skype date ideas for trivia aficionados & competitive couples.

Relationship Quiz

Quizzes to help couples bond are everywhere online. Plan a relationship quiz night. “How well do you know your partner?

Art Together

You and your partner can create art if you enjoy it. You can paint on canvas or doodle and craft online. Artists can collaborate online or offline.

 Jam and Play

If you both play instruments, you can jam together. Specialized applications enhance professionalism.

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