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07 Long-Distance Relationship Questions To Ask Your Partner

Long-distance relationships lack touch and enjoyment. Communication, time management, and trust keep relationships alive. 

Patience is needed in long-distance relationships due to jealousy, lack of closeness, and loneliness.

Besides texting and writing poems, you might ask your long-distance lover some questions to learn more about them.

Conversations bridge distance. Besides catching up on life, you can ask your partner important relationship questions to grow emotionally and discover lovely and unusual things about each other.

It's like rediscovering your partner in a new way. We can help you start. Check out 141 hilarious relationship questions. Your last movie? Favorite actor/actress? Favorite classic? 

Netflix or Prime series? What's your favorite television genre? Crime thrillers or rom-coms? Which recent film was the worst? 

Which series would you avoid? TV genre? Sports/news/wildlife, etc.? Favorite ad? 

Which advertising is absurd? Want superpowers? My best feature? Your worst trait? 

How would you modify me? What's endlessly debatable? Worst fear? Sports fan? Play or watch? 

Your three must-haves? Is your friendship egoistic? Can you apologize or admit fault? What makes you proud?

Do you want to reside or visit your parents? What would you alter about your country if you could? 

Tell the next generation three things. Do you want a modest, intimate wedding or a big, expensive one with all your friends, family, and coworkers?

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