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07 Platonic Friendship Rules

Friendship, especially between opposite genders, is precious. Just follow platonic friendship principles to keep a healthy relationship! What's platonic?

A strong & affectionate bond between two people is called platonic. Openness to the other gender lets you grow and understand their lives.

For instance, there is a delicate line between platonic friendship and love. If such feelings arise, know that acting on them will harm your friendship. Lost and puzzled. We'll help you avoid this!

Never Flirt With Friends

Flirting can hurt. Don't send "the" signals to seek attention and feel good if you cherish your friendship. He may flee or reciprocate. If you don't think relationship can expand, you'll lose a friend.

Set Limits

A platonic relationship requires certain clarity. Know where to stop. Boundaries help avoid passionate confrontations. Avoid sleeping over at your friend's house or getting intoxicated at a late-night party with them to avoid breaking platonic relationship norms.

Respect Both Partners

Respecting his partner is paramount. Otherwise, your platonic friend connection could grow nasty. Respecting your lover in front of your platonic friend strengthens your friendship. You should also make your pal feel comfortable with your partner.

No intimacy

No brainer. Your friend is your friend. Avoid touching him. Your friendship will never recover. S*xual activities destroy platonic friendships and love forever! You should break up or start dating.

Dateless hangouts. Ever

Should best friends go on long drives, give each other gifts, and have candlelit dinners? Absolutely not. These are things couples or would-be couples do.

Be Like Your Girlfriends

Why not? Be yourself around him! When your girlfriends visit, do you wear makeup? Follow the rules. No dressing up, pampering, or being kind to him. You're his friend, counselor, & shoulder.

Don't Trick Him Into Loving You

It seems desperate and foolish. He will vanish if he even suspects this. These girls are disrespected. Maintain clarity. You and he are adults. You're not lying.

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