07 signs of the Manipulation

Manipulators are annoying. Love can blind you to manipulation & coercion. Charming, persistent, & successful. 

Work, money, relationships, & life manipulators are common. Narcissistic, too. They also use their high EQ to read others & manipulate them emotionally.

Deniers and liars are experts. When you point out someone's terrible behavior, they'll deny it. This invalidates feelings.

Charm & Kindness

Charm helps manipulators get s*x, control, & power. Their ruthlessness makes them charming. They injure others without remorse.


Deception is a manipulator's greatest tool. They exploit and lie because they have no conscience. They will lie to get what they desire.

Generous With Gifts

Initially, a manipulator may be kind and generous. You may view pricey gifts as love from them.

Forced Pairing

Con artists exploit this to bond with their victims. They use "we" often. They will pretend to share a purpose or experience with you.

Playing Victim

Manipulators may play victims to get sympathy. When someone seeks your sympathy, examine them thoroughly to determine if they are a victim.

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