07 Signs Someone Is Jealous Of You

Relationship-killing jealousy

Jealousy can be subtle. Sometimes you don't comprehend why someone's cruel. Jealousy is a possibility. You may be jealous if you are successful.

Relationship-killing jealousy

They may not want what you have, but seeing others love you fuels their jealousy. Jealousy hurts. Sadly, we all feel it.

Jealous People Give You False Praise

Jealous people don't confess they're jealous. They fake support and compliments when good news arrives. Once clean, the claws come out.

Jealous People Copy Well

Psychologists say copycat behavior is not necessarily flattery, despite popular belief. Envious people may copy your every move. They may replicate your hairdo, clothes, gait, & talk.

They Exaggerate Their Successes

Jealous people typically overemphasize their own accomplishments to make themselves feel better. Even if their accomplishments are far smaller than yours. 

They Exaggerate Their Successes

Jealous People Advise Poorly Jealous people give you incorrect advice to ruin your success. They may even discourage you from attempting. 

They Exaggerate Their Successes

Remember, they really want you to fail. If you ask a jealous person for guidance, they may intentionally offer you terrible counsel.

Jealous People Love To Dish The Dirt On You Research shows that gossipers are very aggressive, anxious, or dissatisfied. Though insecure, they chatter more than others. They're insecure.

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