07 Ways to Make Him Commit

Online dating makes commitment difficult. We can help you commit if you like him a lot. Swiping properly can be more satisfying than dating. 

Online dating makes 

You've been on several dates with a man who's great to be with. He never ghosted you and you get along well. He's interested! He just needs a little push to commit as he plans.

Avoid Desperation

It's okay to feel frustrated about persuading a guy to commit, but don't sound desperate. Sounding too eager about getting him to commit would make him think you want him more.

Stop Discussing Commitment

You want commitment. But don't bring this up every time—it may seem like you're pressuring him to commit. If you constantly pressure him, he may want to spend less time with you.

Have Relationship Rules

Two people make a personal or professional commitment. Business deals and relationship promises are made that way. 

Enhance Yourself

Get your guy to commit without neglecting yourself. Avoid overinvesting in him. Instead, spend lots of time living. Nobody likes clinging or self-centered people.

Be Loving

While you focus on yourself, love him. Being a caring partner shows your boyfriend how great you are. Relationships are reciprocal.

Jealousy Is Okay

Jealousy in moderation is fine. It occasionally helps others realize their feelings. Bring up your ex gently and respectfully, & your man may start to worry about you and your past. 

Help His Emotions

Men have feelings like women. Though less vocal about their emotions, they do emote. Convincing your boyfriend that he can count on you is a certain approach to g him to commit.

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