07 Ways To Make Him Chase You Like Never Before

Men are lauded for their persistence in pursuing women. Being chased by a man we like is thrilling. How to make him chase you?

If it's not stalkerish and you want to know how much he loves you, it can spice up your relationship.

Don't say "yes" just because a guy brings you flowers or chocolates. To prove your importance, make him go the extra mile.

Raise His Game

He does do anything you don't like when you're out? Call it out. You're not afraid to be yourself and detest things. Men like honesty, too.

Inform Him of Your Dissatisfaction

Avoid uncommitted partners. Giving into their demands might poison your connection. Don't ignore late arrivals or yelling.

Avoid Compromising

Boundaries show your partner you have standards and won't compromise. They will respect your boundaries and strive to understand you in other ways.

Set Limits

Don't go exclusive unless you're positive he's the one. Go forth and meet folks. Show him other men want to date you. If he loves you, he'll work hard.


If you become someone else so he chases you, he's not after you. Once he understands you're not the one he was chasing, it'll end your chances with him.

Be You

Don't tell him everything in one day to keep him. Let him in slowly. Men would do anything to get the ladies they want to talk. Before sharing your secrets and dreams, let your spouse peel your layers.

Slow Down

Flirting requires confidence. Men seek confidence. They prefer confident dates. Show confidence in your work, life choices, personal growth, self-improvement, or any other area you choose.

Be Sure

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