21 Questions For A New Relationship To Get To Know Your Partner

Since you don't know what your date likes, you're shy at first. Ask these 21 questions to get to know your new partner. These initiate conversations and reveal your partner's interests. 

Asking questions helps you understand someone. Understand your partner's worldview through learning their opinions and interests. 

Knowing their pet peeves early can save you a lot of trouble. You'll bond and get closer. Why wait? Read and talk!

Want Commitment?

Asking if the other person wants a commitment is crucial when starting a relationship. Find out early on. You shouldn't invest in a relationship.

How Would You Describe Yourself?

Words can be profound. It reveals your partner's self-image. Strong, impacting words demonstrate life management. 

How Would You Describe Yourself?

If they don't have a word to define themselves, they may still be discovering themselves or haven't thought about their lives. 

Your Childhood Game?

Discuss your partner's childhood. It will reveal their childhood, likes, dislikes, and similarities to you. Who knows? Perhaps you liked the same game.

Extrovert or introvert?

This question will reveal whether the other person is as spontaneous or closed as you are. You can discover if the other person prefers a movie date or street dancing.

What Always Smiles You?

This question may make you and your partner smile. It reveals their values. Perhaps it's a blooming flower or cloud patterns. For future smiles, remember the cues. 

What Always Smiles You?

Re-enacting or performing something similar will make you grin again. This shows what makes them happy & what gifts they like.

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