5 Rules for Breaking Up—and Why They Work

Taking a sabbatical without burning bridges: the essentials. When Rachel was mentioned, Ross would shout, "We were on a break."

We can all agree on one thing: taking a relationship break requires guidelines. Isn’t that why Ross cheated?

Both parties should discuss taking a break since it concerns both of them. Respectful behavior.

Discuss Your Break Decision In Person

Rest & contemplate. Why the break? Is your relationship getting boring? Is your life-changing? Are you moving for employment or school? Determine if your issue is a deal-breaker.

Understand Your Break Needs.

Your partner not wanting children when you want a family is unsolvable. Downtime won't fix the problem. 

Understand Your Break Needs.

Breakups avoid heartbreak. Clear and assertive. Tell them why you're taking a break, if you'll stay in touch, and if you'll date others. 

Understand Your Break Needs.

Discuss your strategy if you live together. Sharing a house, car, or pet with your partner makes it difficult to take a break.

Understand Your Break Needs.

Learn about yourself on your break. How are you outside the relationship? Try new or neglected interests. Visit family and friends and let yourself feel lonely. Take a vacation to unwind.

Make Breaks Count

Setting a timeframe while on a break to figure out your relationship is unwise. This will cause further anger.

Don't Limit Time

Frustration since one spouse may want to get back together right away while the other may not be ready. 

Don't Limit Time

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