7 Outstanding Taylor Swift Tattoos That Everyone Should Try

Taylor Swift tattoos have long intrigued fans and detractors. Taylor Swift is a 1989 American country singer.

Tim McGraw, her first album, launched her career. Taylor Swift's charisma, beauty, and style help her connect with fans.

She has multiple tattoos, however, they are all fakes or doodles. In an interview, the celebrity revealed she is not ready for a permanent relationship.

Nonetheless, those designs are inspiring. Her followers love them, and many have gotten them tattooed.

Her false tattoos and doodles are mostly on the bottom of her left wrist, right hand, and left arm. 

Read about them below! Taylor Swift got this neck tattoo. Font craftsmanship is distinct & gorgeous.

Her ex's names were tattooed. Media say it's false. Taylor Swift enjoys wearing temporary tattoos. 

This tattoo was also temporary. On her left arm. ‘Tell me everything I want to hear like it was your favorite year’. 

"The Dixie Chicks" lyrics. The Dixie Chicks clearly inspired the young singer. Taylor Swift is fortunate 13. 

Thus, she gets her right hand numbered before every show. Her success tattoo is her birthday, 13.

Taylor Swift attributes her luck to her right hand. This tattoo had a black outline and sparkly blue ink. 

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