9 Signs That You Have An Abusive Wife

Women are beaten more often than men. Thus, the term "abusive wife" is rarely used, yet men can also be abused. 

Many husbands don't recognize their wife's control or abuse them. Even if they do, few come out for fear of being criticized or misunderstood.

Verbally Abusive Wife?

One partner verbally abuses the other. Verbal abuse—from emotional manipulation to cruel words—is serious. If their wives verbally abuse them, males may not seek help.


Abuse-prone wives manipulate. She controls your money, where you go, and who you meet. An abusive partner may withhold affection and stop communicating until she gets her way.

Verbal Abuse

Relationships often involve angry yelling, which is unhealthy. Screaming or using profanity is verbal abuse. She may insult you. Your wife is abusing you if you walk on eggshells around her.

Silent Treatment

Disagreements followed by quiet are frequent in partnerships, but days of silence as punishment is bad. Thus, emotional abuse occurs when your wife shuns you after an argument.


Physical abuse by your wife is a red sign. She can injure you indirectly. When enraged, she punches or tosses things. You should leave a toxic relationship if she slaps you or uses objects to damage you.

Unrealistic Demands

Demanding items your partner can't afford is manipulation. Financial abuse might also entail expecting you to do her tasks or take on extra duties for her.

Toxic Envy

When married, possessiveness and jealousy are unattractive. Your connection needs trust. Adults can socialize. It's healthful. Your wife's false accusations of adultery or spending too much time with others are mental abuse.

Humiliation and Belittling

Abuse occurs when your wife rolls her eyes at your heartfelt remarks and makes you feel insignificant. She exposes personal details about you or the marriage to embarrass you in front of your friends.

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