Ace Your Body Strength With Ankle Weight Exercises

Instead of dumbbells, why not ankle weights? Easy buckle ankle weights range from 1-10 lb. Ankle weight exercises are useful for resistance training, strengthening, toning, and physical therapy or rehabilitation. 

Ankle weights are portable, low-maintenance, and a fan favorite. We'll help you put on ankle weights and master your full-body workout. 15 of the finest ankle weight workouts for home or gym. 

Standing Sidelift

Ankle weights. Stand on a mat with your right foot slightly out to the side, hands lightly touching, shoulders thrown back, and eyes forward. Start here. 


Stand shoulder-width apart, toes pointed out, shoulders rolled back, and gazing straight ahead. Hands down. Start here. Sit with your hips back and knees bent.

Leg Abduction

Lay on your left side with ankle weights. Support your head with your left palm and your right hand on the floor. Lean back. Lift and lower your right foot 45 degrees. 


Lay on a mat with ankle weights. Keep your feet flat and knees bent. Place your thumbs behind your ears and cup your head with your other fingers. View the ceiling diagonally. Curl up and return to the starting posture with open elbows.

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