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No Childhood Memories? Therapist Explains

Ever wonder how someone can recall their sixth birthday or eight-year-old Christmas?

Some remember their childhood better than others. Some people "lose" early memories to make room.

Few childhood memories are common. Over time, your brain must make room for new experiences. 

They say that “you’re also less likely to remember things if they had a little emotional impact or if you experience childhood trauma.” 

However, licensed therapist Jeff Guenther, known on TikTok as Therapy Jeff, suggests that attachment style, not trauma, may determine whether you recall your upbringing. 

“What is not remembered is just as meaningful as what is,” the counselor said. 

“That’s valuable data” if you can’t remember how your family reacted when you needed them, he says. Guenther cited a University of California study between attachment type and emotional memory. 

Avoidance was associated with working memory deficits for positive and negative attachment-related stimuli," the report concluded.

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