Bill Murray Rumoured To Be Dating Singer Kelis

According to a recent story, Bill Murray and Kelis have become the newest celebrity couple in Hollywood.

Both in the United States and across the pond, the experienced actor and the singer of "Milkshake" have lately began a romantic relationship with one another and have been spending a lot of time together.

Although it may appear to be an unusual combination at first look, Bill, who is 72 years old and Kelis, who is 43 years old, recently posed for a backstage photo together after at least one of the performances they both attended in London.

Not only that, but they were seen together at the same hotel in London and since they first met in the United States, they had been growing closer to one another.

They have a connection with one another, albeit one that isn't precisely a happy one.

Reportedly, they were able to find common ground after the passing of Kelis' second husband in March 2022 and Bill's separated wife in 2021.

There is no indication that Bill and Kelis are attempting to identify their predicament.

According to a friend who was quoted by the news organization, "Whatever it is that has brought them together, and however unlikely it shows up, they are both single and having fun despite the fairly large age gap."

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