Floral Pattern
Floral Pattern

Calvin becomes a Category 2 storm as it approaches Central Pacific.

Calvin is now a Category 2 storm in the Eastern Pacific. At 5 p.m. Thursday, the National Hurricane Center stated Calvin had sustained winds near 100 mph with stronger gusts.

It was 960 miles southwest of the southern point of Baja California, Mexico, moving west at 15 mph.

The National Hurricane Center expects Calvin to strengthen over the next day before striking cooler waters and weakening.

Hurricane-force winds extend 25 miles from the storm center, while tropical-storm-force winds extend 90 miles.

Weather models agree on tracking the storm near the island chain. The storm will be weaker by then. 

Calvin should return to tropical storm strength by the weekend. HNN's First Alert Weather team is monitoring Calvin for island implications despite its expected weakening.

Calvin is following Hurricane Darby and Hurricane Eugene. Both were the first tropical cyclones to hit the islands and delivered significant rain and floods.

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