Chris Brown Announces New Single “Summer Too Hot” For June 2023 Release

The R&B bad boy's new song "Summer Too Hot" ignites summer, which began on June 21.

"Summer," the GRAMMY winner's mid-tempo first single from his eleventh solo studio album (the follow-up to 2022's "Breezy"), encourages a lover to let loose in nice weather.

After "20 to 40 song albums," 34-year-old released "Summer Too Hot." Brown previewed the song last month.

“If yall thought I wasn’t gonna release a summer single.... Think again,” he remarked on Instagram Story.

The song follows his collaboration with Chloe Bailey, "How Does It Feel."

Brown's 2022 Breezy was nominated for BET's 2023 Album Of The Year.

Brown's "fake artists" rant last week showed he makes songs for himself. “DON’T LET PEOPLE GET IN THE WAY OF YOUR PURPOSE & THE SPIRIT WITHIN YOU,”

Dishonesty, fear, and mental servitude rule the world. Brown added, "I SERVE MY PURPOSE TO MY PASSION AND LOVE..."

Art and music express me. “I DON’T WANT TO BE AROUND THESE FAKE AGENDA-DRIVING ARTISTS IT WILL CONTINUE TO ASCEND UNTIL NIRVANA! "I'm the goat, the bull, and nothing will stop me."